The adjacent 9/11 Memorial

Arrowstreet is currently installing a large kinetic wall on the new Logan Airport garage in East Boston (an expansion of the Central Parking garage). From the onset of the project, the design team worked with Massport to find ways to capitalize on the garage’s visibility and its proximity to the Hilton Hotel.

The request for “screening” of the garage led to extensive research, studies, and internal discussion. Ultimately, we proposed an interactive approach to the screening. Realizing that the project would create a backdrop to the 9-11 Memorial and would be highly visible upon entrance to the airport, the project provided a unique opportunity for a dramatic, but sensitive art installation.

Our approach to screening the typically utilitarian structure was a creative visual experience on the garage facade. Inspired by the work of artist Ned Kahn, we conceived a kinetic wall as part screen, part public art.

Through the independent movement of thousands of small, individual wall panels, invisible flows of wind become visible. The air currents, which echo a key factor in aviation, influence the movement of the 6” square curved aluminum panels, creating an ever-changing and visually stimulating gateway at the entry to Logan Airport. The entire system is comprised of 48,000 curved aluminum squares set within 353 pre-assembled panels that span 8 stories high and 290 feet wide, and utilizes familiar components with unexpected results.

Through the use of this unique solution, Arrowstreet was able to find a suitable solution to the challenges of creating privacy for the hotel, while maintaining openness for the garage, and addressing the highly visible location, with the added benefit of providing a unique and memorable compliment to the tranquil nature of the 9-11 Memorial.

(More on this project in the days to come…)

Topics: Design, Construction, Infrastructure