Our long kitchen counter was filled from end-to-end with treats Arrowstreet's First Bake-Off Cat, Timea and Jonathan take a look at the offerings Mike's leaning tower of treats! Ilka was eager to try everything! Sarah's Trio of Truffles was voted the winner! Nicole's Bourbon Maple Ice Cream with Beer Bacon Almond Topping was 2nd, and my Pumpkin Mousse Parfait was 3rd bake-off winners: Nicole, Sarah, and Clementine

We held Arrowstreet’s first bake-off this week, and the results were delicious! We are a competitive group, and there were thirteen entries in the “no-rules” contest, from truffles, madeleines, and macarons, to ice cream, cakes, and tarts. The whole office was eager to try everything and we gathered in the kitchen after lunch for the tasting. The line stretched down the hall, but there was more than enough for everyone to have a taste before submitting a vote for their favorite.  At the end of the day, Sarah’s amazing Trio of Truffles was declared the winner! Nicole’s Bourbon Maple Ice Cream with Beer-Bacon-Almond Topping was 2nd, and my Pumpkin Mousse Parfait was 3rd. Each of us received a gift card, and everyone in the office is looking forward to seeing who will be crowned the winner of our next bake-off.

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