Our kitchen was only empty for a little while We always enjoy spending time with friends and family at this event Billy plays through Candyland CAndyland This  book themed hole was pretty tricky Sometimes you have to get a little creative when playing in the studio The fan favorite mini-golf hole had a Presidential Candidate theme

This week our friends and family joined us for Arrowstreet’s annual in-studio mini-golf tournament. Every year, our talented staff designs a nine-hole course using $15 worth of materials, plus whatever additional items they can find at home or in the office. The results are always creative, inventive, and more than a little humorous. The event is one of our favorites every year, offering us an opportunity to get really creative, and to spend time socializing and having fun with each other and our families. After enjoying an early dinner of Chinese food, we tackled the par-23 course, encountering some of the Presidential candidates, a maze of books (you’ll be hearing more about that soon), Candyland, and a seagull’s nest. There were cheers for holes-in-one, some lighthearted despair from those who had worse luck on course, and lots of advice from other teams as we analyzed each hole.

We are always up for some friendly competition, so awards are given for the Best Designed Mini-Golf Hole, and the Lowest Scoring Round. This year, the winning design went to a satirical Presidential Candidate themed hole designed by Jillian Lydon, Caitlin Manning, and Buil Basith. The Lowest Scoring Round (and the coveted green jacket) went to Matt Byrnes-Jacobsen, who had the low score with a 20. Ideas for next year are already being talked about, and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with in 2017.

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