For the third year in a row, Arrowstreet will be participating in Daylight Hour. This Friday, June 17, we’ll turn off the artificial lights and work with natural daylight. The global campaign is organized by Building Energy Exchange and encourages the public to be cognizant of energy use. An office will significantly increase its energy efficiency by utilizing sunlight, especially when it’s abundant during summer work days. By reducing lighting energy use during peak times, we will also reduce mechanical cooling loads and fossil fuel usage.

Our studio has an ideal footprint for daylight use. There are window walls for each sun exposure and an internal light well. The open office layout allows light to fill the studio, and the narrow depth places many work stations within fifteen feet of a window. Individual task lights can be utilized to increase foot candles when needed.

Daylight Hour also has the potential to increase employee well-being, as day-lit spaces are more pleasant places.

Help increase awareness of the campaign by posting participation photos on Twitter & Instagram with #DaylightHour. Building Energy Exchange will be awarding prizes, including Best Instagram Photo and Most Creative Social Media.

Topics: Sustainability