Design communication tools continue to push our industry. The infusion of Mixed Reality (AR/MR/VR), live modeling, and BIM 3D rendering in our projects allows Arrowstreet’s design teams and clients to step into a space from a fixed point as well as actually feel and experience the space in its entirety long before it’s built. Our mixed reality studio, known as Arrowstreet Innovation + Research (AIR) has gone beyond visualization to interactive simulation to predict how people will move through and use a space.

We incorporate gaming techniques that offer a more intuitive and engaging experience paired with data analysis to simulate how people will move through spaces and real-time feedback, allowing users to share thoughts and engage with the space on their own time. Ultimately, we seek to give everyone a voice by making ideas, buildings, and our cities visible and understandable to all.

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Amy Korté  / Lauren Haggerty