Starting February 1, Arrowstreet is hosting a Drawing Challenge. In this electronic age of non-stop emailing, texting, and media consumption, we’re challenging everybody who wants to participate to put down the phone and pick up a pencil.

We’re doing this in the office, and we’d like to invite any of our readers to join us!

Here are the basics:

1. Draw something every day, during the month of February. Every day, for 28 days. Spend 10 minutes or 2 hours, or something in between, every day.

2. Get a sketchbook or staple 28 pieces of paper together.

3. Use pencils, charcoal, paint, fingers, erasers, pens, markers, or whatever you’re comfortable with (or not comfortable with!).

4. If you’re e-inclined, use a stylus and an app called Paper (super-cool, but costs $6-12 depending on how many drawing implements you buy) OR Moleskin (super-cool and FREE).

5. Buy an actual moleskin notebook and keep it in your back pocket for impromptu sketching every day, or:

6. Pick a regular time when you can draw every day and stick to it for 28 days.

7. Find your favorite son or niece or grandmother or friend and draw with them!

8. Draw interesting spaces or buildings, people, self-portraits, your cat, still lifes, landscapes, or make up stuff (like my son…of course pigs can fly spaceships and play with dynamite!).

In our office, at the end of the month, we’re going to have a sketchbook party. We’re going to display our work in the office; we’ll probably post some online; and we’ll definitely have a good time. Is there anybody out there who wants to join us?

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