Jonathan, Bob and Lauren Bob, Lauren, Jenn and Carley Some of the frames were painted for a pop of color Lauren hangs a template for the gallery wall Boston Public Library Children's Library

Last week, we had Part 2 of our Conversation Series on “Project Delivery & Design Process,” which featured our graphic design studio’s work at the Boston Public Library. Our in-house graphics team works on a variety of environmental graphic design projects and comprehensive wayfinding programs. In addition to working on projects with the architecture team, we work independently on outside projects, so we wanted to share the details of our process with the rest of the studio using our work at the Boston Public Library as an example. We presented the various processes we employ depending on a project’s needs, emphasizing our consistent use of design briefs to serve as a guide to ensure we’re meeting the needs and goals at all phases. As shown in the image above, our design process for the Teen Central décor began with lists of objectives and creative inspiration provided to us by the BPL. This project was a bit unusual due to time and budget constraints as it required us to not only design it but build it, too; we designed, purchased, built, altered, and installed the components ourselves.

You can read about the first part of the Conversation Series here, and check back soon for Part III!

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