As we usher in 2024, we are thankful for our collaborations throughout the past year. This series of snowflakes–created using imagery of selected projects–symbolizes the beauty and intricacy of our partnerships and the uniqueness of our collective efforts.

We look forward to the new year ahead. May it bring continued success, exciting challenges, and the joy of turning innovative ideas into reality.

Boardwalk Campus

Creating a sustainable educational vision, Boardwalk Campus is designed to be net zero energy and water, setting a new standard for sustainable education. The campus is designed to embody its unique character and foster a dynamic and enriching learning process in fun and accessible ways.

Ashlar Park

A modern, nature-inspired residential community incorporating the history, context, and community of Quincy. Ashlar Park epitomizes the perfect fusion of two worlds – a social, urban residential experience that offers a tranquil escape from the hubbub of the city with nature’s bounty accessible just outside its door.

Turbine Hall

Historic arched windows, ornate architectural terracotta, and a century-old steam turbine engine are just some of the unique elements being celebrated in the adaptive reuse of the former Boston Edison power plant. The Turbine Halls are being transformed into a vibrant mix of retail, restaurant, civic, and lab/R&D uses as part of the 776 Summer Street redevelopment.

L.L.Bean Freeport Experience

L.L.Bean is reimagining its iconic flagship store and retail campus—the second most visited tourist destination in Maine–to create a best-in-class retail experience and more fully activate the brand’s purpose of enabling people to experience the restorative benefits of being outside.

Avalon Woburn

Avalon Woburn draws on the idea of “Crossroads”– a vibrant convergence where industrial heritage seamlessly blends with modern living, urban life meets suburban tranquility, and boundaries between public and private spaces harmoniously intersect.

Net Zero

Arrowstreet is at the forefront of designing high-performing, energy-efficient, and healthy buildings. For over sixty years, we have been instrumental in creating some of the most resilient, sustainable, and health-centric buildings. With almost 3 million SF of net zero projects, we demonstrate proficiency in net zero strategies, life cycle assessments, and both embodied and operational carbon evaluations.

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