The following is Part III in a series on the Logan Airport Central Parking Expansion. Find Part I and Part II here. 

In the design and construction of the facade at the Logan Garage, our partnership with Extech allowed us to develop and fabricate a system that would have been difficult (if not impossible) without their collaboration. Throughout the design process, we utilized advanced 3D visualization software to imagine and develop a system that met our design goals.

More involved than a design/build or design assist process, the approach has allowed us to innovate within our designs by drawing on relationships with fabrication labs to custom fabricate facades. More importantly, these custom facades—designed to have a unique, impactful presence—can be developed to be installed within traditional construction methods.

For instance, at Massport, the local glazing contractor has installed the prefabricated kinetic panels in record time, and in their words, the system is unique and “unlike anything they have ever done.” We believe this type of close working relationship between architect and fabricator provides opportunities for innovation within our client’s budgetary and schedule frameworks that would otherwise be impossible.

The move from the mass-produced to a more custom approach in design and construction provides for limitless possibilities, which parallel client expectations. Without the collaborative process between our design team and the fabricators, this unique installation could not have occurred within the budget or the project schedule. Simple, common components come together to form an uncommon result.

Next time you’re looking across the bay from the Seaport or headed to the airport, I hope you notice the garage and the thousands of panels rippling in the wind.

Topics: Design, Infrastructure