Environmentally innovative planning establishes a new gateway district

This thoughtful and substantive master plan identifies district improvements to maximize the recreational, environmental, and civic potential of this overlooked site. Working closely with the City and community, the plan identifies strategies to improve riverfront access for pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles, and public transit while seamlessly integrating resiliency improvements into the landscape and built environment.

Taking up almost a third of the project site is Gibson Park, recently improved by the City with an updated ball field, new playground, and community garden. However, this secluded community gem suffers from poor accessibility and storm flooding. To support this beloved site, the plan outlines a mix of active and passive year-round uses to support a diversity of users – including a new Community Boathouse and revitalized pier and boardwalk.

This enhanced vision integrates the surrounding public and private properties and complements the adjacent neighborhoods. Planned correctly, density can preserve and enhance the natural environment’s best features and is additive to the community. With this in mind, a residential development is planned in place of current underutilized parking. This density will act as an economic catalyst for commercial opportunities promoting residential, commercial, and recreational vitality. Redevelopment of the RiverFront District will reconnect, repair, and reinvigorate the area.

Project Details




City of Revere


19.4 acres